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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pew's Essay 3 - The 3 Gorean Knowleges


First Knowledge is the education available to the lower castes in the gorean community.  Being very primitive and  mindset, the ones outside the high castes strongly believe that gor is a flat disk stating commonly that the waters beyond the western border are 'the World's End'. Knowing no better then the basics, the ones who only knows First Knowledge put a lot of their faith in the supernatural side of life. Superstitions, magic powers and practices are used and refereed on every day's life. They believe as well that ones first name holds magic, they further more believe that each person has a surname, or a use name. Most do not know how to read and write unless there particular low caste, or subcaste requires such. they are aware of the Present, what the eye can see only.


The Second knowledge corrects many of the lies from the First Knowledge. Usually belonging to High Cases, those of the Second Knowledge are more aware of things such as the world of Gor being Round. They are More educated, most can Read, and Write. they generally dont use surnames. They are not superstitious relaying more their faith in science. Holders of the Second knowledge goes beyond frontiers and interestingly enough, it also includes the knowledge of the existence of Earth. As all Gorean humans are of Earth origin, it is not unlikely that this has simply been passed down through the High Castes, especially the Scribes. Not all members of the High Castes necessarily believe the Second Knowledge to be true, but they are all exposed to it.
On the High Castes bright minds can be found and with this intelligence some questions are answered but many more are made. But there are two hot topics that has been discussed over the time and nobody seems to come up with a correct and sure answer: What are exactly the origins of Gor and the Gorean Man?
It is clear that a certain numbers of plants, animals and people were transported from earth but it is unknown whether man originally developed on Gor or Earth, or whether they both independently evolved men. Man may have originally evolved on Gor and then was transplanted onto Earth by the Priest-Kings, or vice versa.  The Kurii may also have played a part in the creation of man. There is some evidence, anthropoidal fossils, on Gor that would possibly indicate that at least some men may have independently evolved on Gor.  Thus, there might have been indigenous Gorean men and then Earth men brought to Gor.  It is unknown whether any pure-breed Goreans still exist.  There is no mention of any other types of fossils that have been found on Gor so it is largely unknown what other creatures may have existed in Gor's past that may now be extinct or only exist in the isolated wilds.  So much is unknown about the two million years of history when Gor has been within our solar system.
There are some myths concerning the origin of man on Gor.  The basic origin story is that the first man on Gor was called Hesius.  It is claimed that the Priest- Kings formed Hesius from the mud of Gor and the blood of tarns.  This presupposes that the existence of tarns on Gor predates the existence of man.  However, if you look deeply into other Gorean Cultures this same story changes a little. The people of Torvaldsland hold to a different origin myth stating that man was created from a coundil a Gods. The Wagon People worship the "Spirit of the Sky" and believe that rains were sent down from this Spirit to form the world.  These rains also formed the bosk and the Wagon Peoples.  It is not known if the. Other cultures like Red Savages and Red Hunters has their own myth. For the ones who know well about the creation of man in gor, can easily bring up how similar our planet is to earth. On Earth, the different existing cultures holds a different view of the creation of their man, being the most popular the Catholic version of "Adam" being created from one God's image. In the end as much as we can imagine, study and stipulate only one or the chosen ones knows the true answer to these questions.


Yes, it does exist a Third Knowledge. Most of the High Caste Goreans support this idea but all these matters known only to the mysterious Priest Kings.  According to great elder scribes like UbarLuther the ones who hold the Third Knowledge completely understand the correlation between planet Gor and Earth in a material and spiritual way. The methods and nature of Priest Kings and Kurri are also shared to the ones allowed to have this Third Knowledge witch they are the few who work in the service of Sardar or who have, through extraordinary circumstances, been able to exist and pursue practical and philosophical knowledge upon both worlds.

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