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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

UNSC Infinity

We are officially counting down the days until Halloween. Although we must wait 21 days to celebrate the spookiest day of the year, that won’t stop us from eating candy and shop for cool stuff to wear and decorate our homes with. In Second Life®, we absolutely love Halloween and we celebrate it all month long with events, gifts, and other fun activities related to the holiday. My bi-weekly notecard of gifts is about to be released; you will find 40+ gifts listed in my notecard with of items you can use in role-play/fantasy worlds and for this month, I’ve also added plenty of Halloween and Fall Specials. Get it at The Good Gorean HUB on Choice Island, near the landing area.

Halloween-themed fashion events are booming and content creators have plenty of inspiration. Want to be the spookiest kid on the block? Visit the following fashion events:

Gacha Guild – Silent Hallows

Falloween Meadows

The Dark Style Fair

The Mad Circus 5

The Darkness

Trick or Treat Lane





The Arcade


Gacha Life 

Lootbox Gacha Event 

Time travelers: if these options are not enough for you, stop by at the Neo Japan event. Tentacio and Blackjack have the awesome “Ryu” bionic set, and you can also find a number of futuristic merchandise, Japanese garments, other avatar accessories, and d├ęcor. The Engine Room, a brand new steampunk, aetherpunk, and diesel punk-themed event, is offering a unique line of goods, determined to satisfy the needs of users who love the science fantasy lifestyle.

 "Demon Eyes - Red" from Anatomy (69L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes L & R Mesh Eyes and Omega Applier. Available in Blue, Gold, Green, Grey, Purple and Red)

"Reading" Hair from Magika (320L)

"Ryu - Black" Cyber Body from Tentacio and Blackjack (399L - Neo-Japan Event. Includes Full Cyber Body and Half Cyber Body Versions, L & R Sneakers, Socks and T-Shirt. Available in Black and White. Original Ad HERE)

"Ryu - Black" Mask from Tentacio and Blackjack (169L - Neo-Japan Event. Includes Mask. Available in Black and White. Original Ad HERE)

"Ensign Haratio" Sword from The Forge (350L - Engine Room Event. Includes Cosmetic Sword in 2 Versions with Shoulder Stance and Resizers and Tint and Glow HUD. Original Ad HERE)

"Heavy Riot Shield" from solares (260L - We <3 Role-play Event *September Edition*. Includes Scripted Custom Extending/Retracting Shield. Shield Will Block Physical and Raycasting Weapons, Push Away Avatars and Physical Objects in Front. Includes Resize Scripts,  Handmade Animations, Meshes, Effects, Sounds and Draw/Sheath and Bash Trigger Gestures)

"UNSC Infinity is an experimental Infinity-class supercarrier of the UNSC Navy commissioned following the end of the Human-Covenant War. Built in secret utilizing technology recovered from Forerunner and Covenant sources during the war, Infinity is the UNSC's largest and most advanced multi-role vessel to date."
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