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Friday, September 29, 2017

Lake Shaba Tribal Grounds

"Asch Paradigm" Hair from Rezology (250L - New Release. Includes Includes Mesh Hair, Alpha Layer, Hairbase, Lusterlight, Shape Template and Texture HUD with 6 Hair Texture Options +  Rainbow Button That Allows you to Change Hair Color to Any Value of The Color Spectrum)

"Dina Brand" Tattoo from The Crone (188L - We <3 Roleplay Event *September Edition*. Include Omega and Maitreya Tattoo Appliers in Fresh and Healed Versions)

"Fenris - Fatpack" Outfit from Moon Elixir (1000L for Fatpack, 400L for Single Pack Boots or 250L for Single Plack Dress - We <3 Roleplay Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Dress, Body Chains, Thigh Chain, Boots, Texture HUD for Dress with 3 Metal Texture Options and 6 Leather Texture Options and Texture HUD for Boots with 6 Texture Options)

"Edward Elric's Spear" from MkbCult (Available at We <3 Roleplay Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Spear with Resize Scripts and Combat HUD for LLCS Combat System)

Location: Hobbiton

"Lake Shaba was unknown by civilized men until the events of Explorers of Gor. It is a huge lake, bigger than either Ngao or Ushindi. It is located thousands of Gorean feet above sea level so it is evident that when ascending the Ua, you are climbing higher and higher. It was discovered by Shaba who at first named it Lake Bila Huruma, after the black Ubar, Shaba's friend. But, when Shaba dies at the end of Explorers of Gor, Bila chooses to rename it Lake Shaba in memory of his friend."

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