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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Summer Grooves

"Savadja - Ginger & Red" Mesh Hair from VoluptasVirtualis (300L. Includes Mesh Hair, Feather Accessory, Hairbase Tattoo Layers for Standard Avatars, Hairbase Appliers for Lelutka, Catwa and Omega Mesh Heads, Texture HUD with 12 Hair Texture Options and Texture HUD for Feathers with 3 Metal Texture Options, 3Texture Options for Cord and 3 Texture Options for Feathers. Available in Blue & Green, Brunette & Blacks, Ginger & Red, Pink & Violet, White & Blondes and Roots. Original Ad HERE)

"Izzy - Fatpack" Swimsuit from VoluptasVirtualis (850L. Includes Fitted Mesh Top and Bottom for Maitreya, SLink Hourglass, Belleza Freya and Texture HUD with 16 Texture Options for Top, Bottom and Cords, 2 Metal Texture Options and 10 Bonus Texture Options. Original Ad HERE)

Summer Tote and Drink from Tentacio (Commons: Bikinis in 6 Colors, Chains in 2 Colors, 2 Drinks, Waterproof Cameras in 2 Colors, Bunny Icecream in 2 Colors. Rares: Choco Death Drink or Summer Tote. Original Ad HERE)

Glasses from Kitja (Old Group Gift)

"Summer Retreat" from The Forge (75L Per Play - The Gacha Garden Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Sun Towels in Pink or Blue, Wood Stack, Wood Burner, Decking, Beach Lights, Plants, Milkchurn and Vase, Wine Rack, Andironrack Chairs in 4 Versions with 3 Single Poses Each, Wicker Table, Deckchairs in Blue or Green or Rustic Lights. Rares: Bench with 4 Seats and 2 Sitting Animations Each, Table with Umbrella or Gazebo. 1-38 L.I. Original Ad HERE)

"The Anarchist's Flag" and "Anarchists Records Scattered", Part of "The Anarchist Wall Decor" Set from Peaches (199L - Rewind Event. Includes Texture Change Flag, Wall Decor in 3 Versions and Scattered Floor Decor. 1 L.I. with Copy & Mod Permissions. Original Ad HERE)


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