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Friday, March 31, 2017


"Cuddle" from Rezology (250L. Includes Mesh Hair, Alpha Layer, Hairbase, Lusterlight, Shape Template and Texture HUD with 6 Hair Texture Options +  Rainbow Button That Allows you to Change Hair Color to Any Value of The Color Spectrum)

 "Kitsune" Outfit, Tail, Fox Ears, Okobos, Antlers, Fur, Pipe and Top from Tentacio (50L Per Play - Lootbox Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Okobos in 4 Colors; Tail in 2 Colors; Magical Tails in 2 Colors; Fox Ears in 2 Colors; Pipe; Antlers; or Mask. Rares: Kimono with Optional Top and Texture HUD. Original Ad HERE)

"Fennec Foxes" from Jian (400L - Whimsical Event. Includes Wandering Fox, Companion Fox, Held Fox with Animation, 8 Static Decorative Foxes. Includes Resize and Animation Scripts. Original Ad HERE)

"Song of Sakura" Particle Set from Cole's Corner (Available at Kawaii Project Event. Includes Animated Particle)

"Irish Ring" from Timeless (Free - Group Gift) 

"The Regatta Series" Poses from an lar Poses (200L. Includes 5 Static Poses + Mirrors)

Location:  Arranmore

"A kumiho (gumiho) is a creature that appears in the oral tales and legends of Korea. Deriving from ancient Chinese myths and folklores, a fox that lives a thousand years turns into a kumiho, like its Japanese and Chinese counterparts. It can freely transform, among other things, into a beautiful woman often set out to seduce boys, and eat their liver or heart (depending on the legend)."

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