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Thursday, January 5, 2017


"Dion" Hair from Little Bones (Free - Group Gift)

"Little Bird - Ruby Silk" from Junbug (450L - FaMeshed Event. Includes Mesh Gown for Maitreya Body. Available in 22 Color Options)

"Ezrah Crown" from Aisling (375L. Includes Mesh Crown in Regular and Materials Version and Texture HUD with 8 Metal Texture Options, 22 Rose Texture Options and 22 Beads Texture Options. Original Ad HERE)

 Cape and Sleeves from Aisling, Part of "Phryne Set" (50L Per Play, Gacha Machine. Commons: Top Sleeves or Skirt with Panties in 10 Texture Options. Rares: Headdress or Cape with Texture HUD includes several Texture Options for Metal, Beads, Diamonds, Tiara and Cape. Original Ad HERE)

 "Karishma" Veil from Aisling (50L Per Play, Gacha Machine. Commons: Long Necklace, Choker, Earrings, Plastron Necklace, Nose Ring & Chin, Chain Bindi & Tears in Gold or Silver. Rares: Tiara & Earrings or Veil in 3 Sizes. All items include 14 Gem Texture Options, Brightness and Glow Options. Rares include 2 Metal Options, 8 Sheer and Opaque Veil Options. Original Ad HERE and HERE)

"Grey Wolf - Companion" from Jian (450L - FaMeshed Event. Includes Mesh Grey Wolf Companion, Static Howl Wolf, Static Look L & R Wolves, Static Sleep L & R Wolves, Static Sand Wolf and Wanderer Wolf. Includes Resize, Sound and Animations Options. Original Ad HERE)

"Dancing Blades" from HopScotch (25L - Past 25L Tuesday Event. Includes 6 Static Poses with L & R Pose Props) 

Location: Holly Kai Park

"Following the assassination of her husband and stepson in 267, Zenobia became the ruler of the Palmyrene Empire that lived in what is now Syria. Within two years of her ascent, she was battling back the advances of Rome and expanding the boundaries of her kingdom by force, invading Egypt and Anatolia. Though an accomplished rider, she also showed a kinship with her army by walking miles upon miles in step with her foot soldiers. She was truly their warrior queen."

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