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Monday, January 2, 2017

Estrid of the Obotrites

"Fire - Essentials" Hair from Besom (375L - Uber Event. Includes Mesh Hair in 2 Sizes and Texture HUD with 10 Hair Texture Options)

"Yvaines Garment - Fatpack" from Enfant Terrible (3000L For Subscription - The Treasure Chest Event. Includes Mesh Gown for Maitreya and SLink Hourglass Mesh Bodies and Texture HUD with 20 Gown Texture Options, 7 Leather Texture Options, 7 Belt Texture Options and 7 Metal Texture Options. Original Ad HERE)

"The Lion - Gold" Shawl from PFC (350L. Includes Mesh Shawl in Gold, Copper, Snow and Coal in Female and Male Versions)

Necklace from Cynful (Free - Group Gift)

Poses from Kokolores (Free - Past Advent Calendar Gift)

"Estrid (or Astrid) of the Obotrites was a Viking age Swedish queen and West Slavic princess, married to Olof Skötkonung, the King of Sweden, ca. 1000–1022, mother of King Anund Jacob of Sweden and the Kievan Rus' saint and grand princess Ingegerd Olofsdotter.
Legend says that Estrid was taken back to Sweden from a war in the West Slavic area of Mecklenburg as a war-prize. She was most likely given by her father, a tribal chief of the Polabian Obotrites, as a peace offering in a marriage to seal the peace, and she is thought to have brought with her a great dowry, as a great Slavic influence is represented in Sweden from her time, mainly among craftsmen."

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