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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chronicles of Lynnea

When you login in Second Life, chances are that you will go outside your comfort zone and spend some time exploring new lands. There are many amazing sims around the grid and some just feel magical.
During one of my virtual voyages, i landed at The Chronicles of Lynnea and i encountered one of me most amazing regions in Second Life. If you appreciate medieval fantasy role-play, you will love this sim as much as i did.  
Let me talk a little bit of what Chronicles of Lynnea is all about. This young medieval world presents itself quite similar to earth but the chaos of battles between gods, nations and creatures offers it's players a never ending enthralling story line. From humans to elves, merfolk and undead, you will find the perfect role for hours of endless fun.
Also, Chronicles of Lynnea has available 4 beautiful sims that you can play in. Rentals and opportunity to start your own business in this enchanting role-play world are also available at your fingertips.
Information about roles, rentals, rules, lore, combat and much more then be found at the Chronicles of Lynnea official website. Explore the sims by wearing a OOC tag available at the landing hub or simple visit the Chronicles of Lynnea Flickr group.
If you are a curious blogger, just like me, Chronicles of Lynnea also invites you to come by, take pictures and explore the surroundings. Take a little break and visit the magical world of Chronicles of Lynnea today!

"Abigail - Blondes" from Elua (300L)

"Ariel - Catwa & Classic Avatar" Makeup Pack from Slackgirl (250L - The Secret Affair Event *January Edition*. Includes 8 Tattoo Layers, Catwa Applier with 8 Makeup Options and 2 Addon Mesh Stars. Available for Akeruka, Catwat and Omega Mesh Heads)

"Nerissa" Lipstick Pack from Zibska (200L - The Secret Affair Event *January Edition*. Includes 20 Lipstick Color Options for Omega, Catwa, Lelutka, TMP and Classic Tattoo Layers Pack)

"Siren - Fatpack" Gown from Poet's Heart (1260L - The Secret Affair Event *January Edition*. Includes Mesh Gown for SLink Physique, Houseglass and Maitreya Mesh Bodies; and Texture HUD with 6 Texture Options with Opaque or Sheer Versions. Single Colors Available for 280L)

"Fish Wreath - Fatpack" from ERSCH (500L - The Secret Affair Event *January Edition*. Includes Mesh Wreath and Texture HUD with 5 Seashells Texture Options, 9 Flower Texture Options and 4 Texture Options for Rope. Available in Single Packs for 125L)

"Pearl Necklace - White" from Lassitude & Ennui (100L. Includes Mesh Necklace with Copy & Mod Permissions)

"Princess Jellyfish - White" Particles from Cole's Corner (150L - The Secret Affair Event *January Edition*. Includes Wearable Mesh Floating Particles. Available in White, Powder Blue and Coral)

"Mermaid Gown" Pose Pack from Poet's Heart (375L - The Secret Affair Event *January Edition*. Includes 10 Static Poses)

"Not all of the world's history consisted of just the activity of the gods. A lot of the lives of the mortal races have greatly affected the present and its current state. Amidst the unseen struggles that came to create a livable and sustainable world for their creations, the people of Lynnea and it's creatures have adapted, evolved and grown with each chapter. As new continents have formed, great kingdoms have taken over and warred with their neighbors for a multitude of agendas. Races have died out, along with various wildlife, and even some have become very rare to see today. "
(The Chronicles of Lynnea Lore -

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