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Friday, December 16, 2016

Holiday Spirit II

 "Noelle Cottage" from Trompe Loeil (88L - Collabor88 Event)

"Christmas 2016 Collection - Fatpack" from Artisan Fantasy (1200L - We <3 Roleplay Event *December Edition*. Includes Mesh Stocking Burlap, Stocking Burlap with Sleigh Balls, Stocking Plaid, Stocking Plaid with Sleigh Balls, Christmas Tree with Green and Snow Branch Versions, Holiday Frame with Green Branch, Holiday Frame with Green Branch and Red Ribbon, Holiday Frame with Snow Branch, Holiday Frame with Snow Branch and Red Ribbon, 4 Gift Boxes in Christmas and Hanukkah Versions, Sconce, Sconce with Red Ribbon and Pine Cones, Sconce with Ribbon, Sconce with Ribbon and Pine Cones, Cone People in 2 Sizes, Cone Trees in 3 Sizes and Trio Version, Cone Trees Snow Tipped in 3 Sizes and Trio Version, Reindeer in Bronze, Iron, Red and White, Sleigh Bell in Green Branch and Snow Branch, Wooden Snowflake in Green Branch and Snow Branch Options. Copy & Mod, 1 - 25 L.I. Available in Single Pack Options)

"Mission Armchair & Ottoman - Adult" from Artisan Fantasy (750L. Includes Mesh Armchair and Ottoman in 2 Wood Colors and Pillows. Includes 14 Solo Animations, 8 Couple Animations and 14 Adult Animations. Copy & Mod, 1 - 3 L.I. Available in Adult and PG)

"Mission Side Table & Lamp' from Artisan Fantasy (250L. Includes Mesh Table in 2 Wood Colors, Lamp in 2 Sizes and 3-Way Lightning Options. Copy & Mod, 2 L.I.)

 "Maiden Tor Rugs" from Artisan Fantasy (100L. Includes 4 Mesh Rugs in 4 Colors. Copy & Mod, 5 L.I.)

"Mission Coffee Table" from Artisan Fantasy (150L. Includes Table in 2 Wood Colors, Bookstack and Rug in 2 Color Options. Copy & Mod, 1 L.I.)

" Blaren Cats - Sun" *Decor Piece Under The Holiday Frame* from Aisling (225L - We <3 Roleplay Event *December Edition*. Includes Mesh Decor Pieces in 4 Versions: Cats, Birds, Love and Tree and in 3 Color Sets' Black, Moon and Sun. Copy & Mod, 1 L.I.)

"Christmas Candelabra" from Belle Epoque (Group Gift)

"Christmas Cat" from United InshCon (Free - Advent Calendar Gift)

Cakes from Aisling (Free - We <3 Roleplay Event *December Edition* Gift. Includes 2 Cakes in 2 Sizes)

"Rustic Australia" Bread Tray and Radio from Tentacio (Available at In Store Gacha Machine. Commons: Stove, Basket of Apples, Dirty Plates, Bread Tray, Skull, Broken Clock, Radio, Cactus, Rocker or Sink. 1 - 3 L.I. Original Ad HERE)

"Snuggs - Al Colors" Booties from On A Lark (300L. Includes L & R Non-Rigged Snuggs, Snuggs for SLink, Maitreya and Belleza Feet With and Without Bow. Includes Texture HUD with 6 Cloth Texture Options, 6 Bow Texture Options, 6 Leather Texture Options, 4 Sole Texture Options and 3 Metal Texture Options. Available in Single Color Packs for 150L. Original Ad HERE)

"Tea Cart" from Artisan Fantasy (400L. Includes Mesh Tea Cart. Copy & Mod, 4 L.I.)

"Alohomora Trunks" from .Peaches. (250L - The Crossroads Event. Includes Mesh Trunks and Texture HUD with 4 Texture Options for Scarf. Copy & Mod, 3 L.I. Original Ad HERE)

"Naughty Santa" Ornament from .Peaches. (Free - Group Gift. Original Ad HERE)

"Merry Meeces" from Jian (50L Per Play - The Arcade Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Ball Decoration, Bell decoration, Cookie Bowl, Milk Glass, Hangin' Out, Candy Cane or Acrobats. Rare: Lil' Carolers, Animated. All Prizes Include Texture Change Fur Options. Mod, 1 - 4 L.I. Original Ad HERE)

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