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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Chronicles of Counter Earth - Illyros

Gorean roleplay has always been a popular form of role-play in Second Life. This large community has survived over the years and in many forms. Not only in Second Life but on older virtual chat platforms like mIRC. 
The world created by John Norman captivated millions of readers and players and i personally believe that wasn't necessarily for the general way the Gorean Saga was written to tell the story of Tarl Cabot but the topic that centers it. Perhaps, living a life on a bondage world dominated by men is the fantasy of many? Something that is labeled as "taboo" is always a very attractive idea for the most of us?
Either ways, Gor continues to be strong in Second Life and even if you do it for the role-play, the combat or both, you are happily living this socially restricted world of bondage but what if you get slowly get tired of the cycle of your gorean life?

At some point, many of the old time role-players like myself faced a blank wall where the excitement faded away and most of the sims you land on, simply didn't offered the storylines you were looking for. Over the years this was also what i most heard from other players in Gor: the lack of quality role-play or how extreme the combat could be.
Luckily, there is a good balance out there. 

The Isle of Illyros caught my attention since the very first days they started to advertise their grand opening. Some role-players may agree with me when i say that the best role-play sims in Second Life are the Game of Thrones kind. You find yourself immersing inside fascinating stories and time events but such feeling has not been met in Gor.
Illyros creators have a long lasting background in Game of Thrones role-play and they brought Illyros to life by blending their deepest role-play roots into Gor. Isle of Illyros presents itself as a rich region with a captivating background story, a delightful looking sim and a new invigorating form of gorean combat.
By visiting their website at you will find detailed information and how to enroll. Start with reading the sim lore then head out to the official rules to know more about this form of gorean roleplay.
Once you have all your reading done, browse in the forum and look for a role you will enjoy playing in Illyros. If you have questions, don't hesitate in reaching out to the sims mentors for the answers you seek.
No questions? Submit your application right away and start playing in Isle of Illyros today!

"Merchants keep ruling the Port, rich on culture and history. The savageness of the first Pirate-Ubar can still be seen in the darkest streets and in it's pirate dens, where women are treated as little more than prized cattle and objects of pleasure. These men keep bringing back their loot, selling it to the merchants who, in turn, sell it for a profit to distant customers. The legacy of the Cosians remains, and a strong Cosian Warrior Caste family retains influence and respect, serving as advisor to the current rulers' council. Some claim that Ellyris Baciballa's ghost roams the streets at night, weeping for her daughters, searching for the sons of the men that were responsible for her fall." (Isle of Illyros Lore - The Current Day

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Location: Isle of Illyros

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