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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Gorean combat and all it's weapons came a long ways since i started actively playing gor. From sculpts to mesh, i can say that i seen a little bit of everything. As times goes on, dedicated weapon makers come up with new and exciting ways to keep us enjoying the game.
 But, wait no more to put your hands on the next best thing in gorean weapons. EZ Weaponry's new Firo Script is here!
A lot has been updated and corrected from the good ol' Novo script: Sensitivity adjustments, secured systems and mouselook locks are just some of the features in this new script. If you wish more detailed information about Firo click HERE!
 Firo is now available in the following weapons: Varsp Bow, Averndale Bow, The Sever, Orcus Giant and The Osiris Polearm that i'm featuring below. 
 Happy "Pew-pewing"!

"Loving - White" from White Widow (225L - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Standard Avatar Tattoo Layers, Appliers for Maitreya, Adams, Belleza, Eve, SLink, Brazilia Doll, Omega and The Mesh Project Mesh Bodies) 

"Sheer Nothing - Black" from Kaithleen's (209L - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Mesh Dress for Maitreya, Belleza Isis, Belleza Freya, SLink and HG Mesh Bodies and Texture HUD with 2 Metal Texture Options for Chains. Available in Black, Pink, Blue, Peach, Red and White)

"Efezah" Chain Veil, Collar, Earrings, Forearm Pieces, Headwrap, Necklace, Plastron and Upperarm Pieces from Aisling (Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, Gacha Machine. Commons: Necklace, Plastron, Chain Veil, Upperarm Pieces or Forearm Pieces in Gold, Black or Silver. Includes Gem Texture HUD. Rares: Collar & Earrings or Headwrap with Texture HUD with 3 Metal Texture Options for Metals, 16 Texture Options for Headwrap and 16 Texture Options for Cords. Original Ad HERE)

"Osiris Polearm" from EZ Weaponry (450L - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Mesh Polearm and Spear Versions, Spear Sheath in Black and Gold Versions With New Firo GM Scripts . Includes Trigger Gestures. Weapons Includes Special Features: Mouselook Lock, Autofire, Sensitivity, Sheath & Lock, Custom Channels, Shield Draw Settings and Changeable Sounds. Original Ad HERE)

"Staff Poses 01-06" from Musa (590L for Fatpack or 120L for Single Pose + Staff. Includes 6 Static Poses, 6 Staffs with Poses and Texture HUD for Staff)

Location: Skye Glas

"Yennenga was the daughter of Nedega, an early 12th-century king of the Dagomba Kingdom in what is now northern Ghana. She was a beautiful and beloved princess who from the age of 14, fought in battle for her father against the neighbouring Malinkés. Skilled with javelins, spears and bows, she was an excellent horsewoman and commanded her own battalion. Yennenga was such an important fighter that when she reached a marriageable age, her father refused to choose a husband for her or allow her to marry. To express her unhappiness to her father, Yennenga planted a field of wheat. When the crop grew, she let it rot. She explained to her father that that was how she felt, being unable to marry. Nedega failed to be moved by this gesture and locked his daughter up."

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