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Friday, November 25, 2016

Massacre of St. Pew

 "Dicle" Hair from Sentinus (25L - Store Wide Sale)

 "Wendy - Black" from On A Lark (250L. Includes Mesh Top and Thong in 5 Standard Sizes + Maitreya, Hourglass and Physique Sizes. Available in Sunshine, Steel, Snow, Sky, Sand, Salmon, Rose, Red, Fern, Eggplant, Chocolate, Camel, Blush, Black, Berry and Aqua. Original Ad HERE)

"Fortuna" Bra and Choker from Emo-Tions (229L - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Mesh Bra and Neck Pieces in Silver and Black. Neck Piece Included 2 Sizes. Copy & Mod)

"The Potius Bottles" Necklaces from The Plastik (249L - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Mesh Necklace in Boobs, Long, Medium and Short Sizes in Male and Female Versions and on Stout and Tall Sizes. Also Includes L & R Earrings and Texture HUD with 10 Bottle Texture Options and 16 Potion Texture Options)

"Strasza Horns" from Two Cats (180L - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Mesh Horns and Texture HUD with 8 Horn Texture Options, 4 Metal Texture Options and 9 Jewel Texture Options)

"Mechanical Wings - Black/White" from Aisha (190L - The Secret Affair Event *November Edition*. Includes Mesh Mechanical Wings in 2 Versions and with Resize Scripts. Available in 6 Color Options)

"Punk Arms" from PFC (250L - The Secret Affair Event *November Edition*. Includes Mesh L & R Sleeves in Standard, Freya, Isis, Venus and SLink Sizes for Male and Female. Includes Texture HUD with 8 Texture Options for Main Leather, 8 Texture Options for Metal Plates, 8 Texture Options for Fabric and 4 Texture Options for Leather Bands)

 "I Want Demon Hooves" from StarFire Point (Includes Mesh Hooves in 5 Standard Sizes, Fitted Mesh Hooves in 5 Sizes, Texture/Coloring HUD for Hooves and Skin, Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red and White Tattoo, Pants and Underpants Layers and Alpha Layer)

"Bone Tail - Silver" from CerberusXing (500L. Includes Mesh Tail and HUD with Curve, Speed, Angle, Delay and Gap Options. Available in 5 Color Options)

"The Sever" Sword from EZ Weaponry (450L - We <3 Roleplay Event *November Edition*. Includes Mesh Sword and Sword Sheath With New Firo GM Scripts . Includes Trigger Gestures. Weapons Includes Special Features: Mouselook Lock, Autofire, Sensitivity, Sheath & Lock, Custom Channels, Shield Draw Settings and Changeable Sounds. Original Ad HERE)
Location: Woodbury Falls

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