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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Good Gorean Hunt

 The Good Gorean Hunt has ended. Thank you for your support. <3 
The Good Gorean achieved one more successful year of promoting roleplay creators, events, sims and the communities around the grid. In this month, The Good Gorean blog is celebrating it's 5th anniversary! Crossing this important mark, I've decided to do something special and organize a small hunt to celebrate this anniversary.
Enjoy this hunt filled with FREE roleplay merchandise. You can find below the list of participating stores and previews of the hunt prizes.
A special thank you to all the sponsors of The Good Gorean Hunt for donating your time and work into this.
Cheers to many more years of blogging!

How to collect your Hunt Prizes?

Start your hunt in this location: Silent Running

 Click on "The Good Gorean Hunt" info sign to receive your clue notecard.

 Using your clue, look for the following hunt item (Letter G) within the limits of the participating store.

Buy the item for 0L.
 Enjoy the prize! 

Join The Good Gorean Group for inworld updates and support.

Participating Stores 

1. Imaginarium Poses
Clue: For you to start any hunt, you will need a map.

2. .Peaches.
Clue: Help! It's dark in here!

3. Noble Creations
Clue: You must read to find your gift!
4. Artisan Fantasy
Clue: Many have heard of Hup the fool.  Often found atop a bar stool.  His tankard held out as he gave out a shout, 'More mead barkeep, don't be cruel.

5. On A Lark 
Clue: Look high, look low, or where the flowers grow.  What can be found here, will cover your rear.

Clue: Oh, a dainty plant is the Ivy green,
That creepeth o’er ruins old!

7. Zibska
Clue: Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her butt.

Clue: I reside behind a silver skull.

Clue: Look for a table with a demo box :)

10. Aisling
Clue: I'm lost, surrounded by gifts.

11. >glYph<
Clue: Follow the path up on the hill to take a rest and learn a spell.

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