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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Taluna of Southern Jungles

Hair from Little Bones (Group Gift)

"Conqueror - Steel" Bra and Panties from Lassitude & Ennui (270L - We <3 Roleplay Event *September Edition*. Includes Maitreya Lara Body Fit Mesh Bra and Panties Set. Available in Gold, Steel and Black)

"Tribal Necklace - Silver" from The Forge (150L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Necklace with Copy and Mod Permissions. Available in Silver, Gold, Black and Brown. Original Ad HERE)

"Kali Ma Headdress" from Empyrean Forge (325L - We <3 Roleplay Event *September Edition*. Includes Mesh Headdress and Texture HUD with 3 Skull Textures, 4 Horn Textures, 3 Leather Textures and 3 Finish Texture Options)

"Chocolate Companion Pup" from Jian (50L Per Play - The Arcade Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: 4 Rezzed Wandering Pups, 4 Worn Companion Pups, 4 Held Pups or 4 Static Decor Pups. Rares: 3 Rare Adult Labs. Original Ad HERE)

"Naked Dog Companion" from Jian (50L Per Play - The Arcade Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: 12 Wonkey Weenies with Texture Change and Companion/Rezz Options. Rares: 4 Special Wonkey Weenies with Texture Change. Original Ad HERE)

"These are white-skinned girls who chose to live in the jungles. They come from various cities to the south of the jungles, some free women, some escaped slaves. They bear some similarities to the panther girls of the northern forests. The word "taluna" is never translated in the books so we cannot say that "taluna" means "panther." Talunas wear brief animal skins, necklaces of claws, and sometimes gold adornments. They live in small thatched huts in small bands. They are not known to have dancing circles like the panther girls. Talunas despise slave girls and this one band that Tarl encountered had enslaved a group of pygmies. There is little indication of how many taluna bands exist and what differences may exist between them."

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