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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Magical Lodge

"Elven Set" from DRD (1999L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Treehouse, Bed with Solo, sex and Cuddle Animations, Bedside Table, Bench with Solo and Couple Animations, Chair with 8 Solo Animations, Gazebo, Standing Light and Table. Total L.I. of 220. Copy & Mod Permissions)

"Dancing Stars Galaxy - White" from EVE (300L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Galaxy and Ring Star Set. 1 - 14 L.I., Copy & Mod. Available in 8 Color Options)

"White Tail Deer" from Jian (450L - The Seasons Story Event. Includes Animated Fawn, Left Sleep Fawn, Right Sleep Fawn, Static Fawn, Adult Female Animations, Adult Female Left Sleep, Adult Female Right Sleep, Static Adult Female, Animated Male Adult, Male Adult Left Sleep, Male Adult Right Sleep and Static Male Adult. 1 - 2 L.I., Copy & Mod. Original Ad HERE)

"Hearthside Collection - Chiminea" from Jian (175L. Includes Mesh Chiminea with 9 Texture Options for Interior, Exterior, Chimney and Door, Smoke, Fire and Light On/Off Options. 3 L.I., Copy & Mod)

"Posh Pups" from Jian (50L Per Play - The Gacha Garden Event. Available are 7 Common Coat Pups with texture Change for Bow and Animated Stand and Run that Follows Your Avatar. Rares: Carrier Purse with Puppy and Snugly Pup Bed. 1 - 9 L.I. Transfer Only with Resize, Sound and Animations Scripts. Original Ad HERE)

Telescope from The Forge (60L Per Play - The Epiphany Event, Gacha Machine. Commons: Sky's Officer Hats in Green, Red, Black and Blue, Telescope, Morse Sign, Morse Station, Junker Officer Sword and Globe. Rares: Sky Junker Skybox. Original Ad HERE)

"Maiden Tor Spring Equinox Stone - Copper" from Artisan Fantasy (350L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Spring in Copper and Iron Versions. 3 L.I., Copy & Mod)

"Wooden Dinning Set - White" from Mushilu (275L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Table, Stool with 5 Animations, Shelf and Lamps Set. Available in White, Brown and Black. 1 - 5 L.I., Copy & Mod)

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