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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Snakes And Warriors

I have been loving this round of the The Secret Affair and the Epiphany and i just had to kick out one more post before i went off on vacations! What? *GASPS* Yes, I am heading pretty soon to the beach, margaritas, seafood and many other great things. Result of that, your Good Gorean will also slow down quite a bit but i plan to return to blog fully sometime mid August.
It's the end of the month and a lot of events are about to close but others are just around the corner, ready to start off another month of endless shopping. We <3 Roleplay will be back on the 4th, with some news! A new sim, new layout and new shiny things for you to enjoy.A special mention to
Sneak Peek , Oh My Gacha, Lyfe of Style, The Showroom, FAD Fashion Event, Going Bust, The Aloha Fair, Designer Circle, The Lexi Project, Color Me Project, Uber, Neverland Kids Gacha, Okinawa Summer Festival, 5th Avenue, No21, The Deck, The End, Bewbapalooza, Shiny Shabby, Men Only Monthly, Tengoku no Rakuen Furimaketto, The InstrumentsSuicide Dollz, Cosmopolitan Room, Manga Fair 2015, Dressing Room Fusion, Tres Chic,
IDK, Lubbly Jubblies, The Wayward Carnival, Genre, Kustom9,
The Kawaii Project, Create Your Own Tarot, Project Limited and  Indulgence BDSM & Kink Fair!!!

Hair from Besom (300L)

"La Parca - Red" Camisk, Thong, Crown and Staff from May's Soul (50L Per Play - Epiphany Event, Gacha Machine.Commons: Camisk in Red, White, Black or Blue, Blind Piece, Bra in Blue or Red and Thong in Blue or Red. Rares: Staff or Crown with Texture HUD. Original Ad HERE)

"Woodlands Axe - Red" from EZ Weaponry (600L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Axe and Sheath Axe in Red and Pink with 40% and 35% GM Damage, Novo2 HUD, Unarmed Fist Fighter and Trigger Gestures. Original Ad HERE)

"Amanda Necklace - Copper" from Kibitz (280L Each - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Necklace with Mod and Copy Permissions. Available in Several Color Options)

"Morata - Fatpack" Ring, Bracelets, Anklets, Armlets and Cuffs from The Plastik (799L For Fatpack or 279L Each - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh L & R Anklet, Armlet, Cuff, Ring and Texture HUD with 25 Texture Options)

Location: Hydra Isles

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