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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


"Prize of Gor" is the 27th book of the gorean saga and one of my personal favorites. The story surrounds around Ellen, a beautiful young slave girl on the planet Gor. Yet she was not always thus. For nearly sixty years she was a woman of Earth, but life had largely passed her by. Then, following an apparently chance encounter at the opera with a strangely familiar young man, an echo from her past, she finds herself transported from Earth to Gor. Here she discovers the true identity of her kidnapper and his sinister motives. She is given a strange drug that reverses the aging process, turning back time itself, and once again she’s the beautiful young woman she remembers from years before, so long ago. Now her adventures really begin. Ellen finds herself a slave in the mighty Gorean city of Ar, where the harsh rule of the occupying forces of Cos and their mercenary allies is being challenged by the mysterious Delta Brigade. Surrounded by intrigue, rumors, plots, and betrayal, her adventures bring her face to face with strange and terrifying beasts, and sickeningly familiar weapons. Men challenge one another to own her and her fate is decided in this latest thrilling installment of John Norman’s best selling Gorean Saga. 

For all the prizes of gor out there, this post is dedicated to you. Who said you have to spend rivers of Lindens to be beautiful? The Wayward Hunt is a hunt you cannot miss. One of the best hunts i have seen in SL and completely free! Don't forget that today, a brand new round of the 25L Tuesday is available for all shoppers. Grab the freebies and cheapies, more to come on following posts <3.

Skin from Clef de Peau (Free - Wayward Hunt)

 Hair from Due (Free - Wayward Hunt

"Tank - Black" from On A Lark (25L - 25L Tuesday Event. Includes Fitted Mesh Tank Dress. Available in Aqua, Black, Coal, Deepl Plum, Deep Sea, Eggplant, Fern, Harvest, Indigo, Red, Snow and Steel. Original Ad HERE)

  Socks from JD (Free - Wayward Hunt)

Necklace and Earrings from League (Free - Wayward Hunt)

 Bracelet from Breathe (Free - Wayward Hunt)

 "Side Thigh Chain Gold" from Noodles (Free - Wayward Hunt)

Location: Hydra Isles

"Some Gorean masters do not permit their girls to look into their eyes unless bidden to do so, but this is rare. More often the discipline or punishment is not to permit the girl to look into the eyes of the master, which increases her apprehension and, of course, severely limits her capacity to read his moods. That is somewhat analogous to denying her food, or a particular food, taking something away from her. In standard first position the Gorean slave girl kneels with her head up, unless forbidden to do so. One of the great pleasures of the master/slave relationship is the unparalleled intimacy which obtains between the participants, an intimacy which is naturally much enhanced by the ability to see and react to one another's expressions, body language, and such, these things so indicative of thoughts and feelings. Men desire complete slaves, it seems, and this means total, vital, feeling, thinking females at their feet; that is apparently what one wants there; few if any men, it seems, desire a mere body, a puppet, a doll, an empty slave; who could be satisfied with such? Where would be the triumph, the pleasure, the value? What then, in such circumstances, could be the master's joy in owning us? Ellen had been told that she had very beautiful eyes. They were gray. Her hair was a very dark brown. The hair and eyes of Mirus, as those of most men, were brown. Ellen looked into the eyes of Mirus. His expression seemed severe. She averted her gaze. One reason to look into the eyes of a slave girl is to see if there is welcome in them, happiness, anticipation, shyness, mendacity, slyness, deception, joy, confusion, uncertainty, apprehension, fear. If one cannot look into the eyes of a slave, how can one well read her, how can one adequately master her? To be sure, much can be gained from body language. But then more can surely be gained from both her face and body. And from the slave's point of view, how can one best please a master, if one cannot truly see him?"
Prize of Gor, Pg 180

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