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Monday, October 13, 2014

Deviant Dragons

Kalia Firelyte has always been a huge supporter of everything that calls out fantasy. The Mystic Realms Faire couldn't happen without the help of this lady and i'm sure you are familiar with the immense stock of roleplay goods that Dysfunctional Designs has in store. She is also the crafty lady behind the curtains of this project. 
Since i heard of Kaila, i have been following her work which i had the pleasure to blog here before. But it goes beyond of purely blogging, it comes to love your roleplay time by making our worlds a little more realistic and pleasant and she makes it all happen.
 Beastie Shack is a very personal project to Kalia and i just hope she makes it grow even more. From foxes and cats to dragons and other mystical creatures, Beastie Shack has everything you need to prepare your avatar dive into a world of fantasy and just look below at the great "Dragon Halfling" packs you can find at Mystic Realms Faire!
Loving also the recent creations of May's Soul. Filled with pretty details and ornaments where this particularity outfit pictured below is a perfect fit to any kajira.

Don't forget also to visit ROMP. This new monthly event is ending today but still filled with kinky items to let your imagination fly away into happy hours of satisfaction *winks* Feel free to visit ROMP Flickr Page, ROMP Official Website or ROMP Facebook Page for details.

"Barony - Solstice" Hair from Tableau Vivant (300L. Includes Mesh Hair in 2 Sizes, 2 Alpha Layers, Mesh Hat and Texture HUD with 14 Texture Options. Available in 7 Color Packs and Fatpack)

"Dragon Halfling -  Green" from Beastie Shack (500L - Mystic Realms Faire Event. Includes Mesh Horns with 4 Texture Options and 5 Shape Options, Tail with 3 Texture Options and 8 Pose Options, Wings with 8 Texture Options for Membrane, 3 Texture Options for Arms and 4 Pose Options. UV Mod Kit Included. Available in Black, Green and Red. Original Ad HERE)

"Nima - Green" from May's Soul (160L - Mystic Realms Faire Event. Includes Mesh Thong and Top Pieces. Available in Black, Blue, Green, Lila Pink, Red, Teal and Yellow. Original Ad HERE)

"Closer" Pose Set *Picture 1* from an lar Poses (Includes Poseball Set)

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