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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sugar & Spice

I couldn't think of a better title to this post to show you a hand full of great findings that came directly from two new events that started just today: ROMP and The Secret Affair.
In one side, ROMP has a "spicy" collection of furniture and other type of items that will make you..horny?!? Yes, Horny! On the other side, the missed The Secret Affair is offering a collection of dreamy and romantic merchandise that will make everybody fall in love for. All of them are great and simply magnificent so it's time to improve your roleplay get your sugar or spice rolling.
Below is some of the goodies you can find at these two events but feel free to visit ROMP and The Secret Affair Website for other previews and other information.

"Fenia" from Emo-tions (Available at Hair Fair 2014. Includes Mesh Hair with Headpiece and Texture HUD with 4 Hair Texture Options and 6 Jewelry Texture Options for Headpiece)

"Masquerade Black Ink Makeup" from The Skinnery (125L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes 12 Different Styles of Makeup in Tattoo Layers)

 "Embrace Harness - Black" from The Forge (199L - ROMP Event. Includes Mesh Harness with Regular and Implants Versions. Available in 4 Different Colors)

"Pretty Panties - Black" from The Library (50L - ROMP Event. Includes Mesh Panties. Available in 5 Different Colors for Male and Female Versions)

"Sydney's Gem Lace Collar & Cuffs" from On A Lark (125L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Collar, L & R Cuff and Texture HUD with 8 Gem Texture Options, 9 Lace Texture Options and 9 Straps Texture Options. Available in Lace or Gem Lace Versions)

Poses from !bang (250L - ROMP Event. Includes 9 Static Poses with Mirrors)

"Aristocrat Bed - Adult" from Tia (1200L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Mesh Bed & Canopy and Texture HUD with 7 Texture Options Cover and Pillows. Includes Over 90 Quality Animations: Single Sits, Slave Sits, Sleep, Cuddles, Sex For Couples/Threesome, Rezzable Bondage Post with Chains. Gives Shackles, Collars and Whips. Bed is 9 prim EQ, Canopy is 10 prim EQ. 100% Unique Mesh and Custom Baked Textures. Available in PG Version for 900L)

"Kinky Cross" from oyasumi (175L - ROMP Event. Includes Mesh St. Andrew's Cross)

"Kinky Gear" from oyasumi (175L - ROMP Event. Includes Mesh Wall Gear)

 "The Princess Cage" from Stockholm&Lima (1000L - ROMP Event. Includes Mesh Cage with Gold, White, Silver and Iron Texture Options, RLV Option, 10 Caged Animations and 2 Props)

Lamps, Handcuff Decor and Whip Decor from Kuro, Part of "Declan Furniture Set" (Available at ROMP Event. Includes Mesh Adult Chair, PG Chair, Floor Lamp, Low Table, Adult Sofa, PG Sofa, Handcuff Decor and Whip Decor)
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