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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Roses Are Red?

Not these but you will have the choice in turning them into a luscious red, a vibrant blue or any other color you will want. For Fifty Linden Friday (yes, i know it's not friday!), Dysfunctional Designs offered the public a gorgeous rose bush including base options, colors for your flowers and a few more cool options. It's still available for only 50L but only till 11.59 of today. Together with this bargain you will find also a lovely country stable with working doors and plenty of room to put your nice looking horses..or kaillas? This building will be available for the low price of 200L also till 11.59 of today!
Better grab these before the prices bump up!

"Isadora" Mesh Hair from Aisling (Available at The Seasons Story Event. Includes Mesh Hair in 4 Sizes, Chains & Pearl Accessory in Silver, Alpha Layer and Gold and Texture HUD with 8 Hair Texture Options. Available in Blacks & Whites, Blondes, Brunettes, Color Ombres, Ginger & Reds, Natural Mix, Natural Ombres, Pastels and Pops. Male Version Available)

"Satine La Rouge" from deviousMind (450L - The Secret Affair Event. Includes Choker, Earrings, Garter Clips, Pearl Epaulettes, Pearl String for Chest, Pearls String for L & R Lower Arm, Pearl String for L & R Upper Arm, Silk Wrap, Pearl String Silk Wrap, Underbust Corset, R & L Wrist Wraps, 3 Layers of Top Clothing Piece, 2 Layers of Panties for regular avatar and Linc Appliers, 2 Layers of Panties + Garters for Regular avatar and Linc Appliers, 2 Lola's Appliers and Alpha Layer. All Mesh Pieces come in Fitted Mesh and Unrigged Mesh. Available in Several Colors)

Pose with Picture Props from F*cking Ninjas (50L) *Special Note: All the pictures that I'm holding were made by Pi Rain*

"Rose Bush" from Dysfunctional Designs (50L - Fifty Linden Friday Event. Includes Mesh Rose Bush with Dirt Base, Dirtless and Potted Version with 14 Flower Texture Options and Rose Prop Giver. 1 L.I., Copy & Mod and 100% Original Mesh. See Original Ad HERE)

"Country Stable" from Dysfunctional Designs (200L - The Neighborhood Event. Includes Mesh Stable with 4 Outside Texture Options, Kool Door Scripted with Open and Close at Touch. 10 L.I., Copy & Mod and 100% Original Mesh. See Original Ad HERE)

5 Pack Mesh Trees" from Dysfunctional Designs (650L. Includes 2 Bark Tones *Light or Dark* and 6 Foliage Options. 3 Prim Each, Copyable & Mod, Scripted and 100% Original Mesh) 

"Stoney Path Kit" from Dysfunctional Designs (145L. Includes Mesh Stoney Path with 3 Levels of Slopes, Straight, 2 Curves, Semicircle, Squiggle and Small with 4 Dirt and + None Texture Options and 6 Stone Texture Options. 1 L.I, Copy & Mod and 100% Original Mesh. See Original Ad HERE)

"Secret Lotus Tree" from Dysfunctional Designs (345L - ROMP Event. Includes Mesh Tree with 5 Flowers, 3 Foliage Texture Options, 9 Bondage Animations and 4 Cuddle Animations. Also Includes Dispensable Whip and Flogger Props, Roots and On/Off Light Options. 6 L.I., Copy & Mod and 100% Original Mesh. See Original Ad HERE)  
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