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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Pew Wants Beach

Beach season is here and i can't wait to dive into the sea and get me a nice looking tan. I grab to this beach ball tight in hopes my vacation comes soon but while i wait, I can always enjoying the wonderful things Second Life has to offer and play it on!
We <3 Roleplay is coming very soon with another round of goodies and one of those goodies are featured in the picture below. I completely fell in love the second i put my eyes on these earrings!
Other gorgeous accessories you can find below is the bracelet and necklace that will be available at the 30L Viking Gacha at the On A Lark gacha machines. A one time event only so don't miss it, because i surely won't! Also On A Lark has for the 25L Tuesday several packages of shirts that are completely modifiable, with several layers and even a special version for SLink Hand users. If you are a free woman of gor you will find tons of use to these shirts as we all know, free women must be covered properly!
Finally, the cherry on top of this cake. Runaway Designs released a brand new mesh hair, please meet Velma!

"Velma" Mesh hair from Runaway (250L - The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair. Includes Mesh Hair, Texture HUD with 6 Texture Options for Blondes, Browns, Reds, Black & White, Colours and Essentials Packages, Texture HUD with 8 Texture Options for Ombre Package. Fatpack available for 950L)

Nail Polish from Adore & Abor (Group Gift)

"Modesty Shirt - SLink Version" from On A Lark (25L - 25L Tuesday Event. Includes 4 Different Models with Different Necklines with jacket, Shirt and Undershirt Layers, Lower Pants and Underpants. Available in Regular Version and SLink Version)

"Rune Jewelry *Ultra*" from On A Lark (Coming Soon - 30L Viking Gacha. Mesh Necklace, Mesh Bracelet and Texture HUD with 12 Stone Texture Options, 3 Board Texture Options and 3 Cord Texture Options)

"Child of Atlantis Earrings - Rmoahal Sapphire" from Chariot (Coming Soon - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh L and R Earring with Mod and Copy Permissions. Available in Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby)
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