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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Join Me for Supper

Here's some finds you cannot miss! The Pantry Shelves from Dysfunctional Designs pictured below are marked down to 25L only till 11.59 of tonight. The rest of the furniture will come available pretty soon at We <3 Roleplay Event. Stay tuned for the next days as i'll show you the fantastic deals of this events and wonderful free gifts.

"Pantry Shelves - Bottles & Dishes" from Dysfunctional Designs (25L - 25L Tuesday Event. Includes Mesh Bottle Shelf and Mesh Dish Shelf. 1 L.I. Each, Copy & Mod and 100% Original Mesh, See Original Ad HERE)

"Worn Table Set" from Daire (Coming Soon - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Worn Tables, Worn Table with Tablecloth, Worn Bench with 2 Sits, Worn Bench with 3 Sits, Fruit Plate and Jugs & Mugs. 1-2 L.I. Each, Copy & Mod)

Dining Set Candles, Part of "Rustic Dining Table Set" from Dysfunctional Designs (265L)

"Barrels Set" from Envisage: Limitless (99L. Includes Set of 3 Barrels in High and Low Res. 1 Single Barrel in High and Low Res and Barrel with Potatoes in High and Low Res Versions)
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