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Friday, July 4, 2014

By The Lantern Light

Great news! We <3 Roleplay opens tomorrow so here's a another hand full of items to add to your shopping list. Enjoy the rest of your 4th of July and relax because tomorrow is shopping day!

Skin & Teeth Layer from Essences (Free)

"Lindgren - Equinox" from Tableau Vivant (250L - The Fantasy Collective Event. Includes Mesh Hair in 3 Sizes *Lola's* and Texture HUD with 14 Texture Options and 10 Texture Options for Accessory. Tintable Option. Available in Equinox, Fall, Monsoon, Solstice, Spring, Summer and Winter)

 "Persephone - Red" Dress from Luminary (Coming Soon - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Dress in 5 Sizes and Alpha Layer. Available in Red and Cream)

"Chained Pauldrons" from Bite & Claw (Coming Soon - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Chained Pauldrons and Texture HUD with 4 Texture Options for Pauldrons, 4 Texture Options for Metal 1 and 4 Texture Options for Metal 2)

"Alder Medallion - Copper" Necklace from Empyrean Forge (Coming Soon - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Mesh Medallion. Available in Copper and Silver)

"By The Lantern Light" from Picture This! (Coming Soon - We <3 Roleplay Event. Includes Set of 4 Poses with Lantern Light Mesh Prop)

"Filigree Glass Heels - Crimson" from Dysfunctional Designs (75L - Fit For A Princess Event. Includes Mesh L and R Heels in AF and non AF Versions *For Alpha Flicker Issues* and Shoe Base. Available in Silver, Bronze, Black, Golden, Blue, Crimson, Purple and Pink)

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