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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Broken Sun

"Amelia Dreads" from from Runaway (275L - Summer Of Love Fair Event. Includes Mesh Hair, Mesh Hair Boob's Version, Fatpack Texture HUD with 20 Hair Texture Options and 7 Accessory Texture Options)

"Chandra Collar" from Aisling (350L. Includes Mesh Collar in Cosmetic and Open Collar Versions in 7 Sizes including Implants Size, 2 Non Rigged Versions, 2 Rigged Versions for Men and Texture HUD with 15 Metal Texture Options. See Original Ad HERE)

"Shining Sun - Gold/Flame" from The Muses (295L. Includes Mesh Dress in 7 Sizes and Alpha Layer. Available in Shining Sun, Deep Shade, Burning Sand and Sweet Water Models)

"Hind - Red&Purple" SLink Flats Addon from Aisling (250L. Includes Mesh Fats and Texture HUD with 6 Texture Options for the Different Parts of the Flats. Available in Black&Grey, Red&Purple, Blue&Green, Browns and White&Pearl)

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