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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Royal Guard

I had a few glasses of wine this evening for forgive me if i sound a I want to start to apologizing my wonderful sponsors for this week for The Good Gorean being so slow. Work and Family duty came to the first line and i just had to put my 100% focus in those, well we all have these situations in hands time to time. For the next days i will try try to catch up with everything and from what i seen from the boxes i opened i really can't wait to snap some pictures of them! It won't be previews by the time i publish the pictures but i hope you can enjoy the different combinations of clothing and accessories.
We <3 Role-Play is going to open tomorrow..YES! You could glance at several previews in the Official Event Blog or just browsing around in The SL Fantasy Feed but tonight i had to highlight these pieces below that are apart of the upcoming We <3 Role-Play.
Aisling did a wonderful job in continuing their Game Of Thrones line by releasing this amazing female armor that is packed with different options. Keystone, Musa and Kahli Designs will be offering more of their quality products they got all their clients so hooked on. Don't forget, swing by at We <3 Role-Play tomorrow!

Hair from Pelle (199L)

"Opal Eyes - Green" from Musa (Coming Soon - We <3 Role-Play Event. Available in Blue, Brown, Gray, Green and Pink)

"Elven Courtier - Blue" Outfit from Kahli Designs (Coming Soon - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Mesh Pants in 5 Sizes, Mesh Tunic in 5 Sizes, Mesh Jacket in 5 Sizes, Mesh Belt in 4 Sizes, Mesh Belt Medallion in 5 Sizes, Mesh Boots in 5 Sizes and Alpha Layers)

"Chestlace" Armor from Aisling (Coming Soon - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Mesh Chestlace in 4 Sizes, L Shoulder Piece in 4 Sizes, R Shoulder Piece in 4 Sizes and Texture HUD with 8 Metal Texture Options)

"Crown of Amazonas - Gold x Gold" from Keystone (Coming Soon - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Mesh Crown in Metal and Rope. Available in Gold, Silver, Onyx and Copper)

"Sun and Moon" Necklace from Sweet Poison (Coming Soon - The Secret Affair Event, Gacha Machine. Includes Mesh Necklace and Texture HUD with 4 Metal Texture Options)
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