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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Valar Morghulis

It has been forever i didn't made a Game Of Thrones inspired post so i got the mood strike me again. Gladly i did it so because the new Season of this awesome tv show is coming to our screens in April! yay! The new promo posters has been released all over the internet so grabbing those images i had to make one a SL version to celebrate my new doll's look. I included the raw snapshot for you to take closer look the jewelry set made by Aisling. Not a new release but is indeed one of my ultimate favorite pieces inside my immense inventory. If you love Game of Thrones stay tuned because there will be a few surprises in a near future related to dresses and events...oh yeah, will blow you away.

Skin from The Skinnery (990L - Skin Fair)

Hair from Elikatira (250L)

Teeth from Deetalez (200L)

"Saku Jewel Set" Aisling (1000L. Includes Mesh Anklets, Bracers, Necklace, Tiara, Ring, Belly Jewel, Earrings and Retexture HUD. Available in Black, White, Gold, Silver and Copper) 

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