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Saturday, March 1, 2014


Tribesmen of Gor, the tenth book in the Gorean series, details the Tahari region of Gor, a huge desert and wasteland with surrounding villages and cities. The book concerns itself with both the city dwellers of this area and also the nomadic tribesmen of the desert. The people in this area resemble in many ways the Arabic cultures of Earth, especially the Bedouins.
 The Tahari region is located southeast of Ar, below the eastern foothills of the Voltai Mountians. This area is shaped like an enormous, lengthy trapezoid with eastward leaning sides. At the northwest corner of this region is the opulent city of Tor. Further west of Tor, on the Lower Fayeen River, is the city of Kasra. The desert area in the middle is known as the Wastes or the Emptiness. This area is hundreds, or even thousands, of pasangs wide. It is mostly rocky and hilly except for the dune country area. A hot wind blows nearly constantly there and water is very scarce. There are some oases that are fed from underground rivers, tributaries that flow from the Voltai. 
 In the Wastes, are numerous oasis communities. Each community numbers from a hundred or so people to thousands of people. They are often located hundreds of pasangs from each other. They depend heavily on caravans to provide many of their needs. Jungle birds are specially prized as pets. These caravans generally travel the western or distant eastern edges of the Tahari. Within the dune country, as the oases are small and infrequent, little but salt caravans will ply that area. The oasis communities also rely on the caravans to bring exports from themselves. The principal exports of the oases are dates and pressed-date bricks. A date palm may grow up to one hundred feet tall. A date palm takes about ten years before it can bear fruit. A palm will annually yield forty to two hundred pounds of fruit. Date bricks are long and rectangular, weighing about four pounds each. Here are a few of the named oasis from the books: Oasis of Farad, Oasis of Lame Kaiila, Oasis of the Battle of Red Rock and Oasis of Two Scimitars.

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 "It is fortunate that such an arrangement exists for the Men of the Tahari, like Goreans generally, are extremely proud, high-strug, easily offended Men with a sence of honor that is highly touchy. Further more, enjoying war, They need very little to send Them to Their saddles with Their scimitars loose in Their sheaths. A rumour of an insult or outrage, not inquired too closely into, perhaps by intent will suffice. A good fight, I have heard Them Men of the Tahari say, licking Their lips, justifies any cause."  
Tribesmen of Gor, Pg 177
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