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Sunday, March 16, 2014

SOS Female Armor - To Store Owners/Armor Designers

Today i am writing directly to you, store owner and armor designer (specially to my sweet sponsors). The armor marketplace of SL has been flooded with a number of type of armors that share the same basic idea: Pauldrons, Bracers and Leg pieces but don't get me wrong, all of them are pretty amazing and have it's own unique style according to the designer but now i believe it's time to move on to a bigger challenge.
After making a quick search in Marketplace i came to a few conclusions. The armors available for male avatars are OK but they still need a more medieval style options. Most of the chest armors i saw fall into a category of a Sci Fy style and that's why we probably don't see them worn very often by medieval/ancient roleplayers. Now when it comes to female breastplates options it's very little or close to none. The few i was able to find looked like copybotted stores and we all know how those look like, right?
I quickly made another search on google after reminding myself of what i have in some recent movies and tv shows and immediately two came to my mind. I made a quick collage to show you some of the amazing possibilities to entice your imagination and i hope this helps you investing more in this area.
Fitted Mesh is here so one more reason to make make these babies a reality (read...second reality?..wait, what?)

The first set of armors came directly from the female characters of last Thor movie, cool right?

The set below is from Game Of Thrones! Good thing is, the middle armor worn by the character Daenerys Targaryen is coming to SL very soon by Aisling. Check her sneak peak HERE, it's amazing!

With these pictures, i hope it sparks some creativity in your already fantastic brains. Feel free to throw any feedback below or inworld. <3
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