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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cozy Corner

"Lil' Rustic Houses - 3 Pack" from Dysfunctional Designs  (875L. Includes 3 Mesh Houses. Small - 8.5m x 11m; Medium - 8.5m x 1405m and Large - 12.5m x 17.5m. AO and UV Maps Included, Kool Door Ready, 4-9 Prims Each, Doors Scripted and 100% Original Mesh. See more detailed pictures HERE)

"Twig Bed - Adult" from On A Lark (980L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Mesh Bed with 12 Solo Animations, 23 Cuddle Animations, 67 Intimate Animations, Bed Texture HUD with 7 Spreads Texture Options, 7 Curtains Texture Options, 4 Wood Texture Options. 2 Mesh Side Tables and Texture Hud with 4 Wood Texture Options and Mesh Rug. Bed: 20 L.I., Rug: 2 L.I. and Table: 1 L.I. PG Version available for 630L)

"Sonnet Fireplace" from Stitched Gods (300L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Mesh Fireplace with Normal and Specular Materials. Copy & Mod Permissions. 1 L.I.)

"Afternoon Tea Base Set" from yumyums (199L - We <3 Role-Play Event. Includes Mesh Sugar Bowl, Mesh Tea Pot, Mesh Milk Pot and Mesh Tray)

"Twig Chair - Cuddles" from On A Lark (450L. Includes Mesh Twig Chair with Texture HUD for Wood and Bark. 7 Sits Couple Animations and 8 Solo Animations. 3 L.I.)

"Twig Table" from On A Lark (75L. Includes Partial Mesh Twig Table with Texture HUD for Wood. 1L.I.)

"Globe" from On A Lark (100L. Includes Mesh Globe and Texture HUD with 6 Globe Textures and 3 Metal Options)

"Treasure Chest" from On A Lark (150L. Includes Mesh Chest with 9 Single Sits and 1 Hide

"Essential Curtain Kit" from Dysfunctional Designs (95L. Includes 3 Leghts of Parted or Straight Curtain Pieces, 2 Sizes of Rods and 8 Piece Kit. 1 L.I., Copy and Mod, Unscripted and 100% Original Mesh)

"Incense and Candles" from Dysfunctional Designs (95L. Includes Meshed Flames and Subtle Incense Smoke. 1 L.I., Copy and Mod, Unscripted and 100% Original Mesh)

"Rustic Metal Chandelier" from Dysfunctional Designs (95L. Includes Mesh Chandelier with Additional Chain Lengths. 1 L.I., Copy and Mod, Unscripted and 100% Original Mesh)

"Weapons Rack - Axes & Spears" from Dysfunctional Designs (95L. Includes Optional Shouting Script Included. 1 Prim each, Copyable & 100% Original Mesh) 

"Cocoa & Tea Tray" from 
Dysfunctional Designs (165L. Includes 3 Texture Options for Wood Tray, 3 Texture Options for Teapots & Cups and you can choose from Tea or Cocoa. 1 L.I., Copy and Mod, Scripted and 100% Original Mesh)

"Sack of Monies" from Dysfunctional Designs (95L. 1 Prim, Copyable, Unscripted & 100% Original Mesh. Includes 4 Sizes) 

"Hunters Weapon Rack" from Tia (Includes Mesh Antler Weapon Rack with Spear, Bow and Arrow Quiver with Removable Wall Shadow. Shouts out if clicked that you found a weapons cache and now you are armed. 2 Prim EQ, Custom Baked Textures and 100% Unique Mesh)

"Endak Coat Rack" from Aisling (25L - We <3 Role-Play Event)

Golden Pot, Part of "StoneBath Set" from Aisling (850L. Includes Mesh StoneBath with PG and Adult Versions, Wash Basin, Golden Pot and Texture HUD 75 Animations Total from Bath, Sit, Couple, Sex, Fun and Undress. 2 Different Water Style, Water Tap, Sisal Towel and Sponge Giver Props. 8 Prims Total: 3 L.I. Bath/Bathstand, 2 L.I. Wash Basin and 1 L.I. for Golden Pot. Material Ready. See more pictured HERE)

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