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Thursday, November 21, 2013


This post brought me up old memories. Little Tasta is a gorean store that i used to love stopping by on my first trips of shopping and hunting. I still remember the old days of the Gorean Wide Hunt (if you don't remember, it was a huge gorean hunt with more then 100 gorean stores that used to run close to Christmas time) where Little Tasta had the most amazing hunt prizes and awesome 25L items. With time, the store owner began to sell more urban oriented clothing and i never heard about it again. It was a great surprise when i realized Little Tasta name in the The Fantasy Collective and more joy came when i open the boxes of Little Tasta's goodies. All the accessories and my personal favorite, the staffs, are very pretty and i can see a ton of use for them! Glad to see this store back and i hope more will come from the hands of the designer.

May's Soul released a hand full of new pretty things and one of them is this chest chain that can be easily matched with any outfit regardless your role in gor.
For the background of my pictures i'm using
Dysfunctional Designs's "Forest Hideaway" specially sold at Fantasy Collective for 295L. You can customize easily the item for all 4 seasons making this a must have for your home. To have a better idea of how the whole piece looks like visit Dysfunctional Designs Blog!

Hair from Wasabi Pills (250L)

War Paint from Kun (10L)

"Always In Your Chain" Chest Chain from May's Soul (100L. Includes Mesh Chest Chain)

"Eldar Armour" from The Forge (399L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh L Armour Pauldron, R Armour Pauldron, L Upper Arm Armour, R Upper Arm Armour, R Forearm, L Forearm and Chest Belt. Male or Female Versions Available)

"Twig Headpiece" from Little Tasta (300L for Single or 950L for Fatpack - The Fantasy Collective. Includes 3 Different Versions of Mesh Twig Headpiece. Available in Narcissi, Syrinx, Oreiades and Naiads)

"Tallis Staff" from Little Tasta (375L for Single or 800L for Fatpack - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Staff. Available in 3 Different Models)  

"Necklace - Gacha" from Little Tasta (75L in Gacha Machine - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Mesh Necklace. Available in 7 Different Models)

"Forest Hideaway" from Dysfunctional Designs (295L - The Fantasy Collective. Includes Menu with 4 Seasons, 4 L.I., Copy&Mod, Texture Change and 100% Original Mesh)

Skirt from Sakide (Part of Huntress Outfit)

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