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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Don't beat me up. Truth is that i started reading the Game of Thrones saga after watching the HBO series for the second time. A total inspiration for the pictures below while i satisfy my soul myself with such beautiful reading. I have been very attracted to this strong character called Daenaryes and for such beautiful woman could only match a beautiful wardrobe and accessories.

The Fantasy Collective will open next week on the 20th and expect to make your money worth while you shop around in this special event. One of the creators im featuring today is Distorted Dreams, offering the Mask, Hairpiece and the Necklace i am wearing. 
Aisling has been working in this brand new store! Bigger and better then ever, Aisling continues to satisfy hundreds of roleplay customer around the grid and yes, we have brand new releases waiting for you. Go visit the new store and grab your freebies, a brand new one was added to store!

Hair from Elikatira (300L)

"Isabella" Mesh Dress from Luas (199L)

"Tatiana Fur Scarf" from May's Soul (100L. Available in Black, Brown, Grey or White)

"Shell Outer Armor" from Innocuous (Includes Gauntlets, Since & Double Armbands and Rigged and Non Rigged Shoulders. Available in Brown and Black, Female or Male)

"Twigged Hairpiece" from Distorted Dreams (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective)

"Woodlands Mask" from Distorted Dreams (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective)

"Twigged Necklace" from Distorted Dreams (Coming Soon - The Fantasy Collective)

"Braziers BraZero" from Aisling (250L. Includes Silver or Gold Mesh Braziers with 9 Fire Options *Black, Blanc, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Red, Rose and Yellow* and Material Ready. Mod & Copy)

Dragons from Digital Wolf (125L)

Iron Throne from Painfully Divine (450L)

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