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Saturday, November 16, 2013


Did you heard about the new buzz in town? If not, allow me to explain... PrimBay is a new kind of marketplace that is directly connected to CasperTech vendors we see all over the stores of second life. It automatically updates the recent added merchandise and that way you won't miss a thing when it comes to new releases. Super easy to shop with and you don't have to deal with the hassle of the Marketplace as we all know, the system sometimes can be slow. As a merchant you have even more benefits as PrimBay only take 2% for selling your stuff using this system while Marketplace charges 5%. If your a store owner, consider using will worth it!
One of the stores that started using PrimBay is Dysfunctional Designs and it seems the store owner uses this system to sell the 25L items in there plus she has a super sale going on right now of the winter tree package "Frilly Pine Tree Pack" (Showed on pictured below) where you can find it only on PrimBay for 350L! When it comes to discounted items, this will make our life much easier. For more information and how to get registered in the PrimBay system visit Dysfunctional Designs Blog.

A new edition of Genre is about to start and guess who is one of the guests? Our dear The Forge, offering a great set of collar and cuffs in several colors. The price cap is 100L for all the merchandise inside the event so expect to pay very little for great quality items.
Of course that i had to toss here and there my usual gifts and freebies. If your in need of hair but your wallet screams to not spend a dime, Emo-Tions or Emphique are great choices! And for you sexy slave, the store Kawala is offering this hot chain mail dress just perfect for you. Chain mail was actually a material that was forbidden by the Priest Kings so no gorean would dare to use such thing as a armor and less as clothing BUT since we are GE our imagination takes off and challenges the gorean universe. I hope you don't get hit by the Flame Death if you decide to wear it.

Hair with Pose *Picture 1* from Emo-Tions (Group Gift)

Hair *Picture 2* from Emphique (Group Gift)

"Electra - Brass Chainmail Dress" from Kawala (Group Gift)

"Studded Collar" from The Forge (100L - Genre Event. Includes Regular Collar, Cosmetic Only Collar, Neck and Neck and Head Lock Gesture Animation. Mod & Copy. Available in Gold, Black, Bronze and Silver)

"Studded Cuffs" from The Forge (100L - Genre Event. Includes Regular Arm and Legs Cuffs, Cosmetic Only Cuffs, Neck and Neck and Head Lock Gesture Animation. Mod & Copy. Available in Gold, Black, Bronze and Silver)

"Frilly Pine Tree Pack" from Dysfunctional Designs (350L in PrimBay or 495L in Store. Includes 5 Tree Types with Texture Changer for snow/evergreen and Delete Script Button, Particle Sparkles. 2-4 L.I., Copy and Mod, Texture Change and 100% Original Mesh)

"Wishing Well" from Aisling (350L - Enchantment Event. Includes Wishing Well Full with No Animations, Wishing Well With Petals and No Animations, Wishing Well with Petals, Wishing Well with Animations, Wishing Well "Half" with No Animations, Wishing Well "Half" with Petals, Wishing Well "Half" with Petals and Animations. Wishing Well Full and Wishing Well Half Versions. Snow Bird, Multiple Birds Add-ons and Petal Emitter. Copy Permission for the Fountain and Copy/Mod for the Birds)

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