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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Praise to Odin!

★ Mesh Hair with Hood from CaTwA (250L)
★ Skin from {le fil cassé} (Free - The Stupid Cupid Hunt)
 ★ Corset with Tango's Applier from [The Plastik] (Free - Bewbapalooza Event)
 ★ Mesh Pants from May's Soul (150L - Part of "Thief Girl" Outfit)
 ★ Mesh Boots from Black Pearls (250L)
★ Mesh Gloves from Luas (Part of Antonia Outfit - 150L)

"Standing  on the fragments of the circle, Ivar Forkbeard cried out, his ax lifted, and his  left hand too, 'Praise to Odin!' And then, throwing his ax to his left shoulder,  holding it there by his left hand he turned and faced the Sardar, and lifted his  fist, clenched. It was not only a sign of defiance to the Priest-Kings, but the  fist, the sign of the hammer. It was the sign of Thor."
 "Marauders of Gor", page 48

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