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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Legends of Gor 2013 Calendar - A Great Freebie by Tia!

★ I am sure that you, free woman or slave dreamed about having brave gorean warriors like Lokia Spiritor, Ezio Sabretooth, Dev Scorpio or even Sahale Ishmene in your kitchen or in your bedroom, looking at you every day and well..*coughs* right? Well now you can make that dream come true! [Tia] made this awesome mesh calendar with pictures of all of the gorean sex symbols and many others more and its giving them out for free! Just go to her store and grab for your free copy of this calendar with yummy pictures of all these Legends of Gor! Below you can see a quick sneak peek of this great photographic work..damn they all look so hot! No offense ladies but gor is all about our smexy men, right? I am thinking in printing this and putting on my REAL bedroom wall. Thanks [Tia] for this great gift!

"Legends of Gor" 2013 Mesh Calendar from [Tia] (Free in Store!)

A big thank you to these great male models that agreed to show their innocence to the gorean community.

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