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Monday, September 17, 2012

The Creator's Canjellne

★ Quoted "Fellah with Severed Heart started a group a month or two back called 'The Creator's Canjellne' which is the hotspot for all your favorite designers' to create some fun Gorean BTB-themed goodies. How it works? Fellah sends out a particular quote from John Norman's Gor books to us designers, who in turn create something themed off said-quote and offer to you customers for one week." With this said..this edition of The Creator's Canjellne is filled with great stuff just like these awesome Mesh Lobes from Returned Karma & Geek! Rush yourself to Returned Karma & Geek Mainstore and grab a copy of these Mesh Lobes for only 50L and you have 3 different shapes to choose from. ★

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