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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Super Events

★ This edition of The Dressing Room BLUE has a lot of great pieces. This Mesh skirt can be yours for only 70L! A great piece to mix and match with a proper top and accessories.

Im sure you already heard of this event. March Mesh Madness brought together a lot of great designers and yes, you can find great gifts during this special event. Take a peak at Virtual Vagabond Blog and see some of the great Mesh gifts. ★


★ Another Medieval Fantasy Hunt started! You can get free gifts across many Medieval and Gorean Sims. What are you waiting for to start it? :P Medieval Fantasy Hunt Blog


Each month skin designers from all over SL will offer new or special releases for only 85L. Started in the past March 1st ending on the 20th you are still in time to visit The Structure Your Skin Event. ★

★ 23 Amazing gifts you can find in this hunt. Only two items are available: Skins or Hair..awww what a shame lol. Each prize will cost you 10L so visit the official Hair and Skin Blog to pick your prizes.

This is the last event i wanted to share with you. Specially for all the men out there, Marcus Room will open the doors March 6th and the best thing...everything will be between 40 to 90L.
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