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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Redemption Mercs - Vulcan (Gor Evolved)

★ Redemption Mercs moved to a brand new sim. Visit them at Vulcan!

Ratio: Mirror the lowest ratio of the group that is attacking 
Bandaging: 1 
GRAPPLES: 3 lines Shouted 2 lines of grapple 1 line of climbing. Each person must do 1 line shouted of climbing
(NO ROPE ARROWS OR FIRE ARROWS) touch die grapples only
1 emote shouted to cut the rope
NO Grappling over water or Ice or on stone or terrain  (Please read main rules for complete info)
LOCKPICKING: Not Required except in high lag then:

* KOOL DOORS : we use the kool door system here so no need for door prims. We understand in high lag the scripts dont always work ..If the scripts do not come out you must do two lines and then wait the 2 minutes then do your third line and drop your door pass. If you are asked for the lockpicking of a primmed door and there is not 2 minutes between the first emote and the third then the door is regarded as locked and anything that happened while that door was primmed is invalid
1 Line to repair doors
Steal Key: 1 line or Mirror yours... which ever is greater. Means if you have 3 lines to steal a key on your sim then you must use that here as well
Stop Lockpick:
You can stop the lock picking using 1 line of 10 words minimum . You can only stop the lock picking a maximum of 3 times for each door
BINDING : 3 lines (may include one line of disarming a weapon) 
UNBINDING :  Only someone unbound can unbind a person 
SELF UNBINDING: 3 Lines 15 minutes after the time you where captured e.g [02:24:42]  GM 4.02:  Has Shali Manx Captured Zar Overland!

Bubbled person Teleporting :
When a person is bubbled you can emote dragging them but only 5 meters and 1 line of 10 words minimum. You can only teleport once in 5 minutes for the one person. Not run up and tp them then run away and then come back and tp them again and so forth. Only one tp within 5 meters of the person doing the emote

Dragging Caps: 1 male can drag 2 people . 1 female can drag 1 person bound or 2 people with there feet unbound (and yes slaves can drag you.. we have strong women here)
No fighting while leashed to someone and no running ... we dont care if it is around your waist
Sailing with NO Captive: No sail emote required. Just get onto the ship (not Dock) and tp out

Sailing WITH a Captive: 1 line 10 words of dragging them onto the ship and sailing. If captured after the sail emote e.g in a bubble .. Then your sail is valid and you have 2 minutes to leave the sim NO SHOOTING AFTER THE SAIL EMOTE... if you have not left after the 2 minutes then your sail post becomes void ..NO RESETING your meter or auto cap applies
RESCUE TIME: 60 minutes from the last person downed 
TRADE DOCK: Safe zone ... no combat and no entering the fort. Only Redemption Mercs can enter the fort via the trade dock. NO sailing out from there during combat 
FIRES and FLAG: touch die and only 2 from each group otherwise it is classed as griefing 
KILLS: 5 emotes 30 minutes
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